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Specialty :
Financial Statement Analysis
Degree :
BBA Finance, BCom Finance, MCom Finance, MBA Finance
Training :
IM, Ahmedabad, IIM, Bangalore, IIM, Lucknow, NMIMS, Mumbai, etc.
gain the knowledge & skills necessary to become a Tax Pro. Industrial Case Studies

Professional Skills

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80 %

Communication Skills

68 %

Commercial Awareness

92 %

Portfolio Management

Award and Honours

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Best Adviser of The Year

Best Adviser of The Year

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People's Choice Awards

People's Choice Awards

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however, the Finance has been quite slow and is not able to pace up with the hyped technological overhaul that it is receiving. 90% this overhaulis accelerated due to pandemic since, Businesses smooth transactions needed the wires to deliver the service and products remotely ensuring secure, fast and.

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